The Brief: As Spooktober comes to an end, it's time to celebrate Halloween to the fullest extent with this roundup of the best Halloween memes of 2019.


We’ve collected some of the best Halloween memes of 2019 and a few timeless classics just in time to send to your friends and bask in the moonlight of the last few days of Halloween szn.

For some, Halloween is about the costumes, the candy, the scary movies, the decorations, or the parties. For others, it’s all about the memes. Every year, people celebrate spoopy season and Spooktober by sharing images of trumpet-playing, calcium-loving skeletons. As the 31st approaches, skeleton memes may have started to die out, but there’s always a resurgence of Halloween memes that arrives just in time for some spooky-silly fun.

For a list of the best Halloween costumes we’ve seen this year so far, check out our 2019 Halloween costume deep dive.

These witches sang Lizzo’s “Truth Hurts” in full Hocus Pocus costume and makeup:

Who says you’re too old to trick-or-treat?

It’s good to clarify with your party host whether their Halloween festivities have more of a “grown-ups drinking wine” or “Babadook” vibe

Mike Wazowski as a skeleton because Spooktober memes died out before Halloween 2019:

I know it looks bad from dankmemes

It looks like the “Danny Devito is sexy” meme will never die…

Halloween thots will NEVER be as spooky or as sexy from memes

Kombucha girl on sexy nurse costumes vs. plague doctor ones:

~Halloween Decisions~ from memes

My Halloween Costume from memes

Don’t let Stephen King down!

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I wish

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Tbh… I wish I had more to do 😭

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We hope you enjoy this Halloween as much as this cat enjoys pumpkins…

All throughout October, there have been TikTok Halloween 2019 memes and hashtags. Here are a few highlights: