The Brief: Subtle Asian Traits is a popular Facebook group for memes and jokes made by and for Asians around the world.


In 2018, Asian students in Australia created a Facebook group for Asians around the globe to share jokes and memes, touching on light-hearted content related to K-pop and bubble tea, to frustrations surrounding racist treatment from non-Asians. It’s since garnered 1.2 million members, recognition in the mainstream media, and spin-off groups like Subtle Curry Traits, which is geared toward South Asians. It’s grown to include members from the United States, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, Hong Kong, the Netherlands, and more.


Asian food, like boba, White Rabbit candy, and of course rice, are often the subject of debates and memes in the Facebook group.



Many jokes also reference that Asians are known for or pressured into excelling in academic and professional life.


Sometimes posts will touch on more serious subjects, like xenophobia toward Asians or even racist attitudes perpetuated by some Asians.


Previously, there were no large-scale meme groups on Facebook or Reddit that tapped into Asian-specific content, and SAT serves as a way for Asians around the world to find humor, community, and discussion about common cultural norms. It has garnered a New York Times feature piece, and comedian Hasan Minhaj even did an AMA video on the Facebook group while he drank bubble tea. So suffice to say, SAT has made it to the big leagues.