The Brief: Legendary sportscaster Stephen A. Smith Memes are prevalent. He is one of the most meme-able people alive, not just in sports.


Stephen A Smith memes are as abundant on the internet as his bad sports takes are on TV and radio. As a result, if there was a Meme Awards Show, Stephen A. Smith should receive the first-ever lifetime achievement award. In fact, you could name the award the Stephen A. Smith Award.

Actually, consider this my official pitch to StayHipp to create a Meme Award Show a la the Webbys. The Meme-ys. Which is super appropriate, considering the fact that it’s how Stephan A. thinks you say “meme.”

Stephen A. Smith Has Resting Meme Face

Stephen A. Smith Memes are so popular because he serves facial expressions made for memes on the regular.

In fact, we enjoy these Stephen A. Smith memes a latte.

However, it doesn’t matter if we love him for it or love to hate him for it … and that’s the tea.

Meanwhile, even NBA stars know how meme-able Stephen A. Smith is.

Additionally, Gradient users also enjoy them some Stephen A. Smith.

Similarly, even this WNBA and NBA reporter took a shot at Smith’s meme-able mug while offering a nice birthday wish.

A Meme Study in Bad Sports Takes

Of course, sports fans have also been known to take a victory lap on bad Stephan A. takes.

John Oliver tried to explain Stephen A. Smith to those that had not yet experienced him.

Certainly, Stephen A. Smith is never more wrong than when he tries to talk football. Just look at Teddy Bruschi’s face when Stephen A. talks about San Diego Charger’s Hunter Henry, who tore his ACL before the season began.

“I could be wrong about that” should be Stephen A. Smith’s catchphrase. Like this incorrect take on Dwayne Haskins. Though to be fair, what we’ve seen of Haskins during his rookie year, he may not be a thrower either.

Additionally, he called Dallas Cowboys offensive coordinator Kellen Moore an upgrade over … Chan Gailey?! However, Gailey was the Cowboys head coach in the late ’90s. Most importantly, he hasn’t even coached in the NFL since 2016 and had been with the New York Jets, Buffalo Bills, Kansas City Chiefs and Georgia Tech since he’d been with Dallas.

Should we continue, Stephen A.?

Sorry, Stephen A. Here we go…

The Man is a Baby

Sports fans who disagree with Stephen A. Smith’s takes about their teams: He’s such a baby.

Snapchat’s Baby Filter: Hold my beer…

Speaking of which, somebody please find Stephen A. his binky.

Meanwhile, Stephen A. Smith was feeling the “I’m baby” meme.

Stephen A. Smith Meets Green Screen

For some unknown reason, Stephen A. submitted himself to being shot in front of a green screen. As a result, he had to expect he’d get the Shia LeBeouf treatment.

So, it happened.

However, It did give us this banger.

In the criminal justice system, the people are represented by Stephen A. Smith green screen memes.

Above all, how did nobody “Beyon-say” to Stephen A. Smith that green screen was a bad idea?

In conclusion, posting your green screen work would be career suicide. However, not if you’re Stephen A. Smith…