The Brief: StayHipp was featured on Sunrise: a popular Australian morning show.


StayHipp is working to bridge the gap between the generations all around the world. On January 23, Sunrise hosts David Koch and Samantha Armytage interviewed StayHipp co-founders Chris and Natalie Colbert from down under. They discussed how StayHipp keeps track of even the most quickly-changing millennial and Gen-Z trends and lingo. Then, Chris and Natalie quizzed the Sunrise anchors on some confusing slang terms.

The Quiz

Test your own knowledge of these terms!

What Does “Weird Flex But Ok” Mean?

Weird flex but ok is a response to when someone is bragging about something strange.  A “flex”

What Does DTR Mean?

No, it doesn’t mean “down to rage” or “detail the reference.”  DTR stands for “define the relationship” and refers to the awkward conversation new couples often have about whether they’re in an exclusive relationship or if they’ll keep using dating apps like Tinder.

What Does It Mean To Be Woke?

To be woke means to be socially conscious. The term is a reference to the word “awoke,” as if some is awake to what’s going on in the world.

If these terms seem confusing to you, you’re not alone. Let StayHipp be your go-to resource for decoding what teens, tweens, and young adults are talking about, both online and IRL.