The Brief: May the 4th Memes reference George Lucas' beloved Star Wars franchise as sci-fi fans attribute the iconic quote from the series: "May the Force be with you."


George Lucas’ Star Wars series is the second highest grossing film franchise of all time. May 4th has become an unofficial holiday for cinephiles who have fallen love with the Force and have an affinity for spacecrafts and dry humor. Since everyone is in quarantine, a Star Warsvirtual convention is occurring on May 4th to celebrate the Disney movie brand.

May the 4th recognizes the iconic movie quote from the Star Wars’ series: “May the Force be with you.” Star Wars Day has been honored since 1979 and has never been officially affiliated with Lucasfilm, even though it’s beloved fans have been loyal to the unofficial day since it’s first celebration. #MayThe4th and #MayThe4thBeWithYou are popular hashtags used for the Lucasfilm franchise.

May The 4th Memes

Although there are many Star Wars’ memes circulating online, Disney is receiving backlash for applying copyright laws on a social media hashtag that was meant for celebrating the Star Wars franchise outside of Disney’s ownership.

Of course, Baby Yoda memes have to be included in this year’s Star Wars’ meme content!