The Brief: Many members of Stan Twitter are coming together to support Black Lives Matter and other anti-racist efforts against police violence through their powerful online presence.


Stan Twitter communities, which are known for their extreme dedication to their idols and remarkable ability to mobilize online have been using their influence to support the Black Lives Matter movement. Stan “armies” are organizing to spam police “snitch” websites and social media accounts with fancams of their favorite celebrities. They’re using their platforms and clout to share resources for organizing, anti-racist education, petitions, and donations. Stans are pressuring their idols to make statements and take actions to support Black Lives Matter and oppose police violence.

Although the KPOP community is known to have been host to anti-Black racism, many stans are coming together in the wake of the killing of George Floyd to use their online power to support Black Lives Matter. There has been some backlash within stan communities about this move, but the majority of popular tweets on the subject support anti-racist efforts and encourage others to do the same.

After KPOP stans spammed the Dallas Police Department’s app asking citizens to report illegal activities from protests with fancams, the department announced that the app was down due to “technical difficulties.” Stans did the same thing with other police departments across the country and the FBI, utilizing their ability to launch massive online campaigns for an activist cause.

Stan Twitter Supports Black Lives Matter