The Brief: "Soup For My Family" memes began spreading on Twitter after a protestor told CNN he was carrying a can of soup for his family during a demonstration in Minnesota after an officer fatally shot motorist Daunte Wright.


Protests erupted in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota, after a police officer shot and killed 20-year-old Daunte Wright.

On Wednesday night, CNN interviewed a protestor carrying a can of soup which he claimed was “soup for my family” before winking at the camera. It instantly became the talk of social media.

“Soup for my family” has been a running joke since July 2020 after President Trump went on a tangent about BLM protestors using cans of soup as weapons against police, before claiming these protestors said the cans were soup for their families.

At that time, many memes and jokes resulted from Trump’s rant.

The Minnesota protestor’s smooth callback to President Trump’s rant did not go unnoticed by social media users.

His good looks didn’t go unnoticed either.

Many thought it was “wholesome” for him to be a provider during such challenging times.

And, many “members” of his family came forward to acknowledge the soup was quite good.

Not everyone is happy with the discourse around “Soup for my family.”

Regardless, the protestor, who appears to be using the Twitter account @TigerWorku, clarified his intentions, kind of…

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