The Brief: The animation for the Sonic The Hedgehog live-action film has been updated, sparking positive reactions and inspiring new Sonic memes.


The first release of a trailer for the Sonic The Hedgehog movie was met with anger and ridicule online, largely in the form of memes. In response, Paramount Pictures and Sonic’s creators pushed the film’s release date back from November 2019 to February 2020 and got to work on a redesign of Sonic’s animation. As seen in the new trailer, Sonic’s eerily human-like teeth have been toned-down, his fur is less scruffy-looking, his body is shorter, and he looks more like a cartoon character than a creepy taxidermied animal.

Fans reacted strongly to Sonic’s glow-up, this time sending out praise rather than mocking the way Sonic looks. These new Sonic The Hedgehog memes include stills from the trailer, comparisons to other animation successes, and remarks on how Paramount actually listened to fans and gave them what they wanted. Both the new and old Sonic memes demonstrate just how strong people’s feelings can be about their favorite animated characters.

A few people claim to miss the “old Sonic,” but most are happy that he’s managed to run out of the Uncanny Valley transform into a cute, lovable animated character.

A relevant Detective Pikachu meme:

The new Sonic design looks Sickkkkkk
byu/U_Need_JAYsus indankmemes

Drake says “no” to the old Sonic and “yes” to the new Sonic:

new sonic is (♡∀♡)
byu/SaveDeeCewl inteenagers

Kinda miss 2019 Sonic now
byu/yeezherrrn indankmemes

It finally looks not-horrifying
byu/ZeronityPlays indankmemes

Now I can actually watch the movie
by indankmemes

They fixed him and he looks great
byu/SpanishFrenchFries inteenagers

An Avengers: Endgame meets new Sonic meme:

You have my respect
byu/mijuzz7 inmemes

And of course, Jim Carrey’s role as Dr. Eggman continues to inspire memes:

New Sonic The Hedgehog memes include several image macro formats including “I am living my best life on earth” and “How are you not dead? I have no idea!” memes.

Introverts gang
byu/Nicolike20 indankmemes

New design looks nice
byu/sim0n2 indankmemes