The Brief: "Society if" and "the world if" memes imagine utopian alternate realities depicted by an ultra-modern looking city.


“Society if” memes and “the world if” memes suggest that if one small thing were to change, society would be able to advance significantly into a futuristic utopia. The format includes a picture of an ultra-modern city filled with skyscrapers and greenspace to suggest that things would be so much better if just one person or a few people did things differently. Sometimes, these memes are used to pick on particular individuals while others target larger groups. These memes are usually somewhat sarcastic and are making an exaggerated point rather than actually suggesting that the world would become a pure utopia if one thing were to change.

According to Know Your Meme, this format has been circulating since February 2018 when it first appeared on Twitter. These image macro memes can be found on Twitter, Instagram, Reddit and Facebook. One of the most popular iterations of this meme is a tweet by @veedagger which read “society if dads went to therapy” and received over 230,000 likes.

An “eat the rich” meme:

On Elon Musk’s latest controversial tweet:

Ok, Karen.

A controversial take:

We live in a society. 

Stan Twitter has a lot to say on this topic:

“Society if” memes from Reddit:

Society if André 3000 had a full verse on 30 Hours from Kanye

The world if maybelline fit me matte came with a pump from muacirclejerk