The Brief: The "Shake That A**" TikTok trend sees creators swaying their hips from side-to-side.


TikTokers are pointing their feet inward and slowly rocking their hips from side-to-side as part of a new trend. This routine is performed to KueenD and Lil.eearl’s “Shake That A**.” There are over 244,000 videos linked to the audio on the app.

The trend can appear a bit NSFW, depending on the creator’s execution.

TikTok star Bella Poarch hopped on the trend and garnered over 5.7 million likes.


This trend is cute lol

♬ Shake That Ass – Wtf That’s Yo Song 🫒

The dance also attracted the likes of cosplayers.


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♬ Shake That Ass – J.Earl 🌟


Clock app overlords took this video down after 7 million views so reuploading for those who still would like to see it #starwarstiktok

♬ Shake That Ass – J.Earl 🌟

Many creators taking part in the trend are using it as a means of appreciating their own body in light of negative commentary from viewers.

@Kyauchiha received 15.4 million views on her video.


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♬ Shake That Ass – J.Earl 🌟


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♬ Shake That Ass – J.Earl 🌟


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♬ Shake That Ass – J.Earl 🌟