The Brief: Twitter users are explaining their experiences and/or thoughts about joints, alcohol, movies, and more as part of a viral meme format.


Twitter users are breaking down what various items and symbols mean as part of a new meme format. They typically draw a line  noting how much of an item, place, or thing is associated with a relatable experience and/or thoughts. These memes are intended to be funny.

These weed-based memes that break down the effects of marijuana by part are referred to as “Sections Of A Joint” memes, according to Know Your Meme.

There’s one for a pipe, too.

The sections of a bottle of a wine hit a little too close to home, if you know what I mean.

This one details the pros and cons of social media.

Every other day it feels like social media marketers for multimillion dollar companies are clicking send on tone deaf tweets. This measuring meme with the Twitter logo sums it up just about perfectly.

These two hilarious takes are for movies buffs.