The Brief: After Redditors called attention to Nestlé's misdeeds, meme-makers dragged the Swiss corporation in a series of memes and called for a boycott of all Nestlé manufactured goods.


Move over PETA, because Reddit has officially cancelled Nestlé.

nestle bad from dankmemes

Over the weekend, the HydroHomies Subreddit, a “sub literally for memes about drinking water,” called for Reddit users’ support in boycotting Nestlé, the largest food company in the world as of 2014.

Redditors, especially those from the HydroHomies and Dank Memes Subreddits, did not hold back in dragging the Swiss-based corporation with a series of scathing memes.

/r/HydroHomies is calling for a boycott of Nestlé for their stance that water isn’t a human right, let’s join them! from Anticonsumption

While the reasons for which this specific boycott was called at this time are unknown, this is not the first time that the public has boycotted Nestlé. They’ve even been labeled as the “One of the Most Hated Companies in the World.”

From “aggressive marketing” of baby formula to growing cocoa illegally in national parks, it seems that consumers have had a multitude of reasons to boycott Nestlé over the years. In fact, the earliest boycotts against the company date back to the late 1970’s.

Makes me wanna reeeeeeeeeee from dankmemes

Redditors it is our sworn duty to destroy Nestle and stop it’s abusive and vile behavior from dankmemes

Nestlé Privatizing Water

While some memes reference Nestlé’s earlier transgressions, the bulk of them drag the company’s former CEO for his comments about privatizing water.

Me irl from me_irl

In a clip from the 2005 documentary, We Feed the World, then-CEO of Nestlé, Peter Brabeck-Letmathe suggested that declaring water as a human right is “extreme” and that water is a “foodstuff best valued and distributed by the free market.” Nearly fifteen years later, Reddit is revisiting Brabeck-Letmathe’s statements and once again, calling for an international boycott.

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Despite the fact that Brabeck-Letmathe is no longer the acting CEO, Reddit’s about to end this man’s whole career.

Nestle bad from dankmemes

This Stranger Things 3 meme:

Hope this hasn’t been done yet from dankmemes

Nestlé vs. Area 51

Several memes focus less on the water issue itself and more on the average Redditor’s attention span. Nestlé memes seem to be pulling focus from Storming Area 51 memes.

Screw Nestle from dankmemes

Current situation from dankmemes

Then again, there are several memes combining the two events – Storming Area 51 and a potential Nestlé boycott/protest.

Let’s save the world. from dankmemes

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This Left Exit 12/Wrong Turn meme:

Reddit. Assemble. from memes

Other “Bad Nestlé” Memes

Though less popular on the Reddit boards, there have been quite a few memes alluding to some of Nestlé’s past  offenses including, but not limited to, deforestation and child labour.

Nestle bad from dankmemes

How many times do we have to teach you this lesson Nestle ? from BikiniBottomTwitter

nestle is as badass, but both the words are separate. from dankmemes

Look out, Nestlé, because Keanu Reeves is coming.

Forget Aera 51, we need to storm Nestle HQ from dankmemes