The Brief: Prince Phillip car memes and jokes about his appearance began spreading on social media after the 99-year-old royal left the hospital on March 16.


On March 16, Prince Phillip left King Edward VII’s Hospital in London after a one-month stay. The news about the 99-year-old royal caused a stir on social media leading to numerous memes about his appearance.

Cursed_prince from cursedcomments

One user compared Prince Philip to the cast of Grease, which, at the time, was comprised of 20 and 30-year-olds playing high school students.

In this one, the British royal is out for a night with America’s leading ladies of Hollywood in the 2000s.

Another user made a mock makeup palette for the prince complete with customized names for the swatches.

Many others joked about Prince Phillip’s expression.

As well as his age.

And, the fact that he seems awfully close to kicking the bucket.

This user compiled a list of non-life-threatening things that could potentially off the elderly royal.

FYI, this playlist is real.

And, naturally, there were also many jokes made about Prince Phillip’s soul.