The Brief: As we approach one year of the Coronavirus pandemic, people are sharing memes about this milestone, expressing a range of emotions.


On March 11, 2020, the World Health Organization declared that COVID-19 was a pandemic. One year later, people are reflecting and sharing memes about this bleak milestone.

A Jason Sudeikis Golden Globes meme about people who aren’t taking the pandemic seriously:

People are comparing March 2020 with March 2021, noting how much and how little has changed.

While a pandemic anniversary is a much less fun event than, say, a wedding anniversary, people are finding ways to observe this pandemaversary or “coronaversary.”


Some people are expressing nostalgia for early quarantine – the simpler days of Dalgona coffee, Tiger King, and thinking life would soon “go back to normal.”


I wish we can go back🤧#xyzbca#tweet#earlyquarantine#oldtiktok

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should i start posting both early quarantine and summer 19? lmk👀 #fyp #summer19 #earlyquarantine #quarantine #corona #2020 #aesthetic #greenscreen

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March is coming up, damn its been that long from memes

Now suffer from dankmemes