The Brief: This popular internet meme, which showcases a major difference between and individual and everybody else, gets the TikTok treatment in a new viral video challenge.


What was once a meme is now… another meme.

Nobody: Me: Memes, which convey the awkwardness of being the only one doing something strange or embarrassing, have made their way to TikTok. Early iterations of this meme were text-based, but the same format is now being used on TikTok with slight modifications.

In these TikTok memes, users illustrate their embarrassing activities with a video rather than GIF or text. User can then add the pre-made Nobody: Me: Frame as a video effect.

In many videos, users self-drag for their poor dance moves or choice of bop.

Some memes coincide with #Senioritis or #SurvivingFinals memes.

These memes often show the “Me” character doing some strange activity instead of studying for school, such as the Shell-On Challenge.