The Brief: Usher in No Nut November 2020 with these NNN memes.


Happy No Nut November 2020 to all who celebrate. One of the most popular ways to mark this informal internet holiday/anti-masturbation challenge is through NNN memes. Many of these memes commiserate about how difficult it is to abstain from sex and masturbation for an entire month. Other memes send an f in the chat when someone fails the challenge.

The hardest choices require the strongest wills from dankmemes

ahah totally not related to me… …trust me on this guys… from dankmemes

It’s common practice during the month of November for people to try to trick each other into watching pornography and thus failing NNN, like with this rule 34 meme:

Sharing here as it was just removed from another meme page for "not being a meme" lol from dankmemes

NNN: It’s here guys… It’s here from memes

Weakling disgust me from dankmemes

NNN time from memes

If you’re doing NNN, please keep it to yourself from teenagers

Dammit NNN from memes

NNN in Nutshell from memes

While there has been some talk of NNN being canceled for 2020, dedicated fans of the holiday are still participating.