The Brief: "My Plans 2020" memes are trending on Twitter. The dual-photo post showcases the users' initial outlook on 2020 followed by a funny take on the reality of 2020 and the global pandemic.


This is nowhere short of surprises. Five months into the year, and we’ve dealt with the Coronavirus global pandemic, World War 3 rumors, UFO sightings, murder hornets, and the list goes on.Β  The effects of COVID-19 changed the way of life for people everywhere. Stay-at home orders are in effect forcing large-scale events like world movie premieres, music festivals, summits, conferences, and more to be cancelled until further notice.

On Twitter, users are lamenting their former plans for 2020 with two-part picture memes titled “My Plans, 2020.” Typically, the first photo is a picture representing fun or success while the second photo represents an unfortunate turn in events.

These memes began growing in popularity on May 18.

Many have used scenes from movies, comparing the introduction to the climax.

Set It Off:

A Quiet Place:

Or pivotal moments in TV shows and major movie franchises…

There were also hilarious takes on major moments in pop culture, celebrity, and sports history.

These memes are similar to “All my 2020 plans” memes spotted on Twitter in April 2020.