The Brief: This TikTok trend mixes the song "Prom Dress" by mxmtoon with ad-libs from popular rapper Lil Jon for hilarious videos showcasing unexpected reactions.


“Prom Dress” is a song written by mxmtoon about facing regrets as high school comes to an end, leading to the singer having an emotional breakdown in her prom dress.

Several months after its release, TikTok user @mattsmixtape remixed the track, adding audio of rapper Lil Jon screaming throughout the song. The contrast between mxmtoon’s sad lyrics and Lil Jon’s excited ad-libs became the perfect recipe for a viral TikTok trend.

The original video featuring the remix by @mattsmixtape:

To which mxmtoon responded:

As did many other TikTokers eager to share their stories of unexpected reactions and funny situations: