The Brief: Robert Mueller's testimony about his investigation into alleged collusion between the Trump administration and Russia during the 2016 U.S. presidential election has ended... but the memes are just beginning.


Earlier today, former FBI Director, Robert Mueller, faced questions from two separate Congressional committees regarding his investigation into “alleged collusion” between the Trump administration and Russia during the 2016 U.S. presidential election.

Perhaps the biggest takeaway from the event was Mueller’s statement that his investigation did not “exonerate” Trump. He affirmed that a president can be charged with crimes after leaving office, which resonated with many, if the Twitter response is anything to go by. The hashtags #MuellerHearings and #MuellerTestimony have been trending on Twitter since early this morning.

While people around the world have been eagerly anticipating the hearings, it’s doubtful that anybody could have predicted the meme gold they’d produce.

The most notable memes from today’s hearings include direct quotes from Mueller, himself, though there have been some roasting Mueller for his “it really do be like that” attitude, too.

One Word Answers

Sometimes, less is more. Other times, less is more infuriating.

Anybody watching the televised hearings was quick to pick up on Congress’ frustrated energy. Throughout his questioning, Mueller maintained a quiet attitude (cool or flustered, you decide) which translated through his one to two word responses.

Many Twitter and Instagram users pointed out Mueller’s approach, some even praising him for it.

Some excerpts from the hearings:

This one might be less of a direct quote…

This video from The Daily Show demonstrates Mueller’s soft demeanor when prodded with many questions in a short amount of time:

Mueller’s one-word responses were a stark contrast to the long-winded questions posed by Rep. Doug Collins. Twitter users put Collins on blast for his rapid-fire questioning technique which proved very ineffective.

Several people dragged Collins for his fast-paced questions. Even Mueller questioned Collins several times, because he was unable to understand the question being asked

“I Take Your Question”

During his appearance before the House Judiciary Committee, Mueller’s interaction with Rep. Louie Gohmert resonated with many viewers.

Rep. Gohmert used his allotted five minutes to go off” on Mueller, blatantly loudly accusing him of perpetuating “injustice”. Mueller’s basic response, which has since become the most viral meme to come from the hearings, was, “I take your question.”

This iteration featuring Keanu Reeves:

The line, which Mueller repeated at least once more during the hearing, quickly went viral on Twitter. People lauded Mueller for his short, evasive response and memed the heck out of it!

It seems “I take your question” has become the new perfect excuse, similar to how people interpreted “Harm to Ongoing Matter” just months ago.

It might even be the new, “Bye, Felicia”

I “Can’t Get Into That” Because it’s “Outside My Purview”

Mueller’s July 24th testimony marked his 90th appearance before Congress. Within the 7 hours of questioning, the former FBI director deflected or declined to answer questions from lawmakers 198 times.

Just as “Harm to Ongoing Matter” became the meme-able catchphrase from the release of the Mueller Report back in April…

The phrases, “I Can’t Get into That” and “Outside My Purview” have got Twitter users LOLing from behind their computer screens.

Considering the fact that Mueller deflected or declined to answer questions posed to him nearly 200 times, it’s impressive that he coined so many ways of saying, “No comment.”

The most popular of these responses were, “I can’t get into that,” “That’s outside my purview,” and some variation of “I’ll refer you to the report.” According to Merriam-Webster, “purview” means “the range or limit of authority, competence, responsibility, concern, or intention.” As far as the “report” goes, Mueller is referring to the Mueller Report which was released to the public on April 18th.

One Twitter user called for a Real Housewives meme mash-up…

And someone else was quick to oblige.

Several people found comfort in song lyrics, fictional or otherwise.

Others inserted dialogue from the hearings into their own variations of popular meme templates like Nobody: Me: and Therapist memes.

This meme incorporates all of the best Mueller quotes:

President #Trimp

When Mueller accidentally referred to President Trump as “Trimp”, it goes without saying that his hilarious slip-up soon became a meme.

While several people commented on the similarities between “Trimp” and shrimp…

There were also multiple mentions of “blimps”, too.

And at least, one Pimp My Ride throwback:

Someone even created a Twitter account for President Trimp:

Miscellaneous Mueller-Related Memes

A new Me and the Boys meme?

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This Distracted Boyfriend meme:

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