The Brief: These memes poke fun at white moms who attempt to show off their multiculturalism by speaking to waiters in what they assume is their native tongue.


Moms thanking waiters memes make fun of Karens who take pride in speaking to waiters in what they often incorrectly assume is their native language. Between terrorizing managers and leaving strongly worded Yelp reviews, Karens have been hitting the Duolingo hard and won’t hesitate to let you know (en Espanol).

Guess this is the new meme… from dankmemes

literally every white mom ever from memes

My dad’s last name is worldwide. from dankmemes

Don’t worry kids, I learned some Spanish while you were at school to prepare for tonight! from dankmemes

A mashup of Baby Mike Wazowski, Distorted Kung Fu Panda, and Beetlejuice Eating memes, also featuring a raging Travis Scott.

It really do be like that from dankmemes

Name a more iconic meme duo than Keanu and Spongebob, I’ll wait.

Hola, waiter-san from dankmemes

Hola, says Gina to the Korean waiter. from dankmemes

Cảm ơn bạn from dankmemes

Karens transcending to “Wolves” by Kanye West after successfully rolling their “R’s.”

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