The Brief: Mind size mega memes combine the "oof size large" format with the animated supervillain Megamind to make comments about someone acting "smart."


Just as oof size large memes illustrated scenarios that would warrant a large oof, mind size mega memes portray situations in which someone is acting particularly smart. Similar to big brain time and expanding brain memes, this format is often as a tongue-in-cheek way to make fun of someone for acting stupid or foolish.

This format is a Photoshopped combination of the image used with oof size large memes and Megamind: the animated supervillain voiced by Will Ferrel from the 2010 film of the same name. This image macro format is particularly popular on Reddit where it’s used both seriously in cases where someone is acting smart and sarcastically when someone thinks they’re being smart but are actually far from it.

We’re still limited to the technology of our time
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Mind size: Mega
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Mega mind = mega meme
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Big brain time.
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Big brain time
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Big brain time
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Its big brain time
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