The Brief: A dance move meme challenge has people spinning around slowly as if they were in a microwave.


The Microwave Challenge, #MicrowaveChallenge, or #MicrowaveMagic is a viral internet challenge that prompts people to “just spin slowly as if you are in a microwave.” This dance move is usually performed to a clip from the song “Slow Dancing In The Dark” by Joji.


This challenge went viral on TikTok in February 2019 and has since spread to Twitter and other social media platforms. A video from over a year ago shows members of BTS doing a microwave-style dance which may have inspired the Microwave Challenge.

How Do They Do It?

People have been employing a variety of methods to achieve the illusion that they are spinning around as if on a microwave dish. One way to do it is to have someone who is out of the shot spin you around by the legs. Another way involves sneakily using one of your hands to spin. Some people can do it without using their hands or even their legs to propel themselves.

Some people have employed other creative techniques such as sitting on a spinning robot vacuum or putting their phone in the microwave. Feel free to try the Microwave Challenge, but please do not put your phone in the microwave.