The Brief: Mercury in retrograde: the astrological occurance that is known to cause chaos and communication barriers has inspired an onslaught of hilarious and helpful memes.


Whether or not you’re into astrology, you’ve likely heard that Mercury is in retrograde. Here’s a breakdown of what that means for the planets, your life, and memes.

What Is Mercury Retrograde?

Mercury in retrograde is an astrological phenomenon in which the planet Mercury appears to change the direction of its orbit. This illusion occurs as Mercury laps Earth in its orbit. It’s known to cause communication mishaps, technological dysfunction, and chaos. The current Mercury in retrograde began on July 7th and is set to last until July 31. As astrology becomes an increasingly popular topic of online discourse and subject of memes, Mercury in retrograde tends to be a particularly prolific source of memes. People tend to blame Mercury’s position for a variety of hardships and difficulties that they may encounter.

Eclipse Season

This Mercury retrograde falls during eclipse szn, which is said to cause further chaos and confusion in our lives on Earth. On July 2nd, a total solar eclipse crossed South America and a partial lunar eclipse will occur in Capricorn on July 16. Eclipses are known to be sources of change. The combination of the eclipses and Mercury’s retrograde may make July a tumultuous month.

Survival Tips

Whether you’re ready or not, Mercury in retrograde and eclipse season are here. So check your Co-Star app, prepare to feel all the feels, and practice some self-care. Not only can memes and the wisdom of astrology influencers be a good way to de-stress in times of chaos, but they can also provide some helpful advice too.

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. M e r c u r y R x E c l i p s e S e a s o n . The entire month of July massages the more challenging aspects of our lives. Whether it’s a relationship dynamic, deeply embedded self-doubt system, or habit that you are wanting to break, this is the time to do so. Mercury retrograde is a great time for making edits, adjustments, and improvements to our lives as it usually points out what isn’t working so well. Clear out what clutters your path, bbs. . As Mercury does an about face today, it backs up into Mars tomorrow, making the beginning of this retrograde a little intense for some. Arguments might happen with others, but what’s more important to pay attention to are the things that get you heated. Underneath anger is usually a really good reason for it, though not always one that is about the present moment. If you feel the need to fight, make sure you are connected to your reasons for doing so. Clarity is key when working with something potentially poisonous. . Mercury stations retrograde at 4° of Leo; will station direct at 23° of Cancer on July 31, 2019 . #MercuryRetrograde

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Get out all your crystals…

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Mercury retrograde officially begins today, July 7th at 4:14PM PST and 7:14PM EST. From this moment on, we will be moving back in time to the pre-retrograde zone that began June 20th. What sets this Mercurial moonwalk apart from the past series of retrogrades, is that we will be experiencing five other planetary shifts as well as this one (Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, Pluto, and the asteroid Chiron will all be retrograde at the same time in space) and the lunar eclipse occurs during Mercury’s backflip in the cosmos. Before we analyze the planetary aspects, let’s look at the 4th degree of Leo, the place where the fiery sign starts its retrograde backflip. The 4th degree of Leo symbolically represents a dishonest creature, much resembling a snake. While the Leo is characteristically and notoriously known for honesty, each degree of a sign is marked with its own story and baggage. Be careful, as we may not see people and situations in their truthful nature. We may be hypnotized by the dizzying retrograde to believe in half-truths from selfish individuals. On the contrary, we may uncharacteristically put our needs first before others. This sets the tone for the retrograde, as we will be moving backwards from 4 degrees of Leo to 23rd degrees of Cancer, which denotes triumph over obstacles. Upon this journey, we will reach the critical (0 degrees of Leo) and the anaretic (29 degrees of Cancer) cosmic trigger points, which will cause issues to arise if we are not careful. 👀 •Read our full article + this summer’s guide to healing & navigating this summer’s mercury retrograde @ #astrology #mercuryretrograde #mercuryrx #collectivehealing #herewegoagain #release #awaken #lettinggo #planetaryshift

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Mercury Retrograde Memes

Don’t let Mercury’s position ruin your entire Hot Girl Summer!

A Toy Story 4 Forky meme:

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LET THE GAMES BEGIN 🔥 #astrologymemes #mercuryretrograde

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Enjoy this Bottle Cap Challenge fail:

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How’s everyone feeling today? 😂 leave an emoji with your mood below Mine is = 🥴🤠☕️ ••• Had an appointment canceled this morning and just spilled coffee on my laptop HA ha. That might not be mercury retrograde maybe just me 🤣 but we most likely will be feeling the effects of it now. We also have Chiron going into retrograde today! Explained in my video! Remember the key to it is to just SLOW down. My retrograde guide is available in my bio 💖 ••• #dailymemes #zodiacsigns #astrologyzone #astrology #astrologymemes #astrologysign #solareclipse #capricorn #scorpio #leo #libra #aries #Aquarius #pisces #gemini #sagittarius #cancer #virgo #taurus #astrologypost #zodiacs #astromemes #dailyhoroscope #retrograde #zodiacmemes #horoscope #instagramdown #astromemes #mercuryretrograde2019 #sunmoonrising #mercuryretrograde

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Yayyyy it’s here 😅😭😵🥴 Happy Mercury goes Retro day!!! Here’s what you need to know…🤪👇 ••• Mercury goes Retrograde 3x a year for approximately 3 weeks (This one is July 7th – July 31st). Basically what’s happening is Mercury is coming very close to Earth so we lose perspective and it appears to be going backwards. What’s important however is PROXIMITY. 🌍 ••• The closer to Earth, the stronger the signal. The energy is AMPED UP. ⚡️⚡️⚡️ Because Mercury is the ‘messenger’ planet, the traffic of exchange becomes noisier. Think of it as an OVERLOAD of information resulting in “traffic” jams of information, affecting technology, scrambling our brains, resulting in a strong desire to communicate but with wires becoming crossed. ••• Here’s what can make things MUCH smoother for you. 👇👇👇 1. Don’t act without thinking. Rethinking. Reviewing. 2. Don’t text your ex lol. 3. Put RE in-front of anything. rethink. reevaluate. re-listen. redo. 4. Pay attention to details and read the fine print 5. No impulse buys! (You might regret it later). ••• SLOW DOWN. you have more time than you think. Follow the flow. Tie up loose ends. Take everything with a grain of salt. Especially other people’s shit. ••• LOVE YOU FAM 😁🥰 vibrate high & protect your energy! ••• 👉 @sister_shanti 🔮 testimonials & booking through link in bio ••• #psychicmedium #mercuryretrograde #spiritualgangster #cancerseason #spiritualawakening #astrologymemes #spiritualmemes

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Oh Honey…

Is this Mercury Gatorade?