The Brief: Here's a recap of the best memes from the month of May that'll have lasting relevance through June and beyond.


Happy (almost) summer! Celebrate the coming of barbecue, pool, and no homework season with these memes for June 2019. We’ve collected the most viral, popular, and relatable memes from May that’ll be LOL-worthy all summer.

Bowling Alley Screen Memes

Inspired by the goofy images shown on screen at bowling alleys, these memes source other bizarre animations from around the web.

byu/MicroPowerpoint indankmemes

Nobody: Me: 

These memes use a script-like format to represent the experience of being the only person doing something strange. It’s also been turned into a TikTok video format labeled with the hashtag #NobodyMe.

Larry The Lobster Observe

In yet another SpongeBob meme, Larry The Lobster says “observe,” while lifting a heavy weight to prove those who doubted him wrong.

[deleted by user]
by inme_irl

Me Explaining Memes 

This meme has two popular iterations, representing the experience of explaining a niche opinion, conspiracy theory, or confusing phenomenon.

On Twitter, the meme uses an image from Little Women Atlanta:

On Reddit, the meme is paired with a still from the film Monsters, Inc.:

Vladmir Leninshmirtz
byu/ModestDan indankmemes

Graduation Memes

As high school and college students grads across the stage, some caps are adorned with clever graduation-themed memes.

My Son’s Graduation Mortarboard
byu/TehErk inMarvel

“Uncle Please Sit”

Sansa Stark’s iconic line in the final episode of Game Of Thrones is the perfect-shutdown for a variety of experiences.

Womp Womp TikTok Handshake Memes

These TikTok memes bring handshake memes into video form to show unexpected connections between different things.

Snapchat Gender Swap And Baby Filters 

People have been having fun with Snapchat’s new gender and baby filters, turning images of themselves and celebrities into masculine, feminine, or younger-looking versions.

Four Horsemen Of The Apocalypse 

The biblical four horsemen of the apocalypse are represented with various pop culture images in this meme.

I See This As An Absolute Win 

The Hulk’s line in Avengers: Endgame  serves as a versatile image macro meme format.

[deleted by user]
by indankmemes

Cha Cha Real Smooth

This version of a knockoff Barney The Dinosaur has been widely memed on Reddit with the caption “cha cha real smooth.”

Rip in advance
byu/malindu_06 inmemes