The Brief: In the wake of Blizzard's punishment of a pro-player for comments supporting Hong Kong protests, the Overwatch character Mei has been reappropriated as a heroic symbol of pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong.


After Blizzard Entertainment, the company that makes Overwatch punished a pro-player for his support of the pro-democracy Hong Kong protests, fans and protestors have reclaimed the Overwatch character Mei as a symbol of the Hong Kong revolution.

The reclamation of Mei as an emblem of Hong Kong protests is part of efforts to troll Blizzard for their actions, by transforming one of their own characters into a representative of a movement that they opposed. Some memes suggest that this is part of an effort to get Overwatch banned in China (much like Winnie The Pooh was), thus ironically hurting Blizzardby having the Chinese government ban a Blizzard game because of actions that resulted from their support of the Chinese government.

An edited video of a clip from Overwatch showing Mei preparing to fight on behalf of the pro-democracy movement in Hong Kong received over 100,000 upvotes on the subreddit r/HongKong in one day.

If we are gonna do it, we are gonna do it big: Mei becomes the icon of Hong Kong revolution!
byu/omegalulit inHongKong

Various fan art pieces depict Mei as a protestor, raising a Hong Kong flag and repeating revolutionary slogans.

I’ve tried making this poster to spread awareness with cute Mei.
by inHongKong

Fan art pieces of Hong Kong Protestors holding up signs with Mei on them have surfaced online, indicating that her image is being used as a symbol both online and IRL.

Mei is on the Street!!
byu/hfok inHongKong

Pro-Hong Kong, Anti-Communist Mei for the Free China (proxy posting for artist friend who wish to be anonymous, not my work)
byu/RGtwo inHongKong

Was gonna burn this cosplay, but this is a much better use of it. #MeiSupportsHongKong
byu/zephronica inHongKong

Several other Overwatch characters have been suggested as possible additional mascots or replacements if Mei were to be effectively censored or band.

Everyone’s making Mei into an icon for the Hong Kong revolution, let’s make Zenyatta into an icon for Free Tibet as well
by inHongKong

Mei Hong Kong prosper once more!
byu/cannacae inHongKong

byu/pilotships inHongKong

I guess I’ll add my crappy drawing to the mix too
byu/KyoueiShinkirou inHongKong

Pro-Hong Kong Protesters Mei Memes

As memes and politics collide on social media, many memes show Overwatch’s Mei advocating on behalf of Hong Kong protestors.

From my point of view the government is right. Then you are doomed.
byu/Belu_is_bear indankmemes


CCP bad, Hong Kong good.
by indankmemes

Modern problems require modern solutions. 

Hey Blizzard, I heard you like China’s money ?
by inmemes

A Joker getting hit by a car meme:

What a wild ride
byu/Leaf-Currency inHongKong