The Brief: r/relationships is a popular subreddit for relationship advice on Reddit.


The subreddit r/relationships is a community dedicated to helping one another solve relationship issues. Posts range from people concerned their SO is cheating on them to asking for advice on platonic relationships. Redditors typically respond with advice in the form of comments and the OP usually gives updates on the situation and how they handled it. While it’s impossible to verify if these stories are real or people are just clout chasing, there is something enticing about following along as Redditors attempt to save (or ruin) someone’s most intimate relationships. As a disclaimer, these posts tend to be long, making the TLDR at the bottom extremely useful for a quick summary.

My [24 F] boyfriend [26 M] of 6 months told me that I need to "unlove" the men from my past before I can love him. from relationships

recently found out that I (17M) got into my brother’s (19M) former dream university which he did not get accepted to last year, feeling guilty about really wanting to go now from relationships

The best stories from r/relationships and similar subreddit r/relationship_advice are often reposted on Twitter by various accounts:

My (30F) husband (32M) impulse bought a dog. from relationships

How do I (28f) break up with someone when I’m their (31m) everything? from relationships