The Brief: Social media users have been relentlessly mocking Mark Zuckerberg after a photo of him surfing in Hawaii with a face covered in sunscreen went viral.


On Sunday, July 19, photos of Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg surfing in Hawaii with a face covered in sunscreen started circulating online and instantly became a meme. One picture, in particular, shows Zuckerberg wearing a hoodie and what appears to be SPF 1000 sunblock while riding on an electric surfboard. Once this image surfaced online, internet jokesters took to roasting Zuckerberg for his appearance, politics, and strange behaviors.

More than one Twitter user noted how Zucc’s butt is accentuated in the photo:

As far as unnaturally-tinted faces go, Mark Zuckerberg’s surfing look is reminiscent of Trump’s tan.

On Twitter, people compared Zuckerberg to many different fictional characters including the ghost from Spirited Away, Mrs. Doubtfire, The Joker, and Data from Star Trek.

Proponents of the Reptilian Conspiracy Theory used this photo as an opportunity to further rumors that Zuckerberg is a Lizard Person.

As Mark’s multi-billion dollar fortune started with a “hot or not” website, many people decided that making fun of his appearance is fair game.

Others referenced Facebook’s known privacy violations…

And some Mark Zuckerberg surfing memes alluded to the controversy behind Zuckerberg’s Hawaii property:

This close-up is sadder than sad Will Smith memes: