The Brief: As people remain indoors, Lo-fi music searches are surging on YouTube as popular Lo-fi channels gather the most views they have ever received before.


In times of insurmountable stress and hysteria, people are discovering new avenues of sensory relaxation in order to feel sane during the wake of a global pandemic.

This has led to an influx in searches for health and wellness activities that would ease people from the paranoia that news outlets have instilled in many. Lo-fi beats are a part of those activities that are capable of inducing peace in people which has caused a surge in search traffic for this community of chill music listeners.

YouTube’s Lo-fi community has been a sacred place for many, like me, the production of the music uploaded to the video streaming platform is supposed to provide a safe space for listeners through their daily activities. The melodic tunes offer a sense of comfort to listeners and the Lo-fi beats are typically instrumental. There are many Lo-fi remastered songs that become popular or a part of the mainstream.

YouTuber Nickolaas provides an even safer place for people to feel their emotions and ponder their intimate thoughts while participating in a live chat on his YouTube channel. The chat is every night from 8pm – 4am which is perfect for those who stay up late because of their wondering inner thoughts and feelings. The online Lo-fi community can be used as a therapeutic platform for those who are struggling during difficult times.

Lo-fi Music Memes

Lo-fi music streams are often paired with relaxing animations. One of the most popular ones depicts a cartoon of a girl studying in her room while her cat stares out the window.