The Brief: The Lip Glue TikTok Challange has teenagers gluing their lips to make them appear bigger.


A new outlandish DIY lip augmentation trend is going viral and no, it’s not the Kylie Jenner lip challenge. On TikTok, teenagers and beauty gurus have been posting videos of themselves gluing their top and bottom lips to make them look bigger and poutier.

Is It Dangerous?

Most TikToks of this trend show people using eyelash glue to hold their lips in position. While eyelash glue can contain toxic and allergenic ingredients, it is designed for application to sensitive skin (eyelids). Using eyelash glue in this way shouldn’t be any more harmful than it would be to put it on one’s eyelids.

Some videos feature people applying nail glue or even Super Glue to their face and lips, which is not advisable as it could lead to irritation or injury.

Lip Glue TikTok Challenge

This trend has several names including the TikTok Lip Glue Challenge and the hashtag #LipGlue. The first known video that features this challenge was created by a TikToker with the username @chloehammock4 and has received over 400,000 likes. Since then, numerous other videos show people trying out this beauty hack themselves.

While this challenge is undoubtedly present on TikTok, it appears to be relatively small compared to other trends. At the time of writing, the hashtag #LipGlue has been viewed over 27,000 times and #LipGlueChallenge has been viewed over 16,000 times.

#LipGlue Fails

Not all TikTok Lip Glue Challenge attempts work out as planned. Some videos show people who didn’t get the results they wanted or who accidentally glued their lips together by using the wrong type of glue.