The Brief: When music artist, Lil Nas X, announced his upcoming "Old Town Road" music video, the internet didn't waste any time memeing a still-image from said video.


Hang on to your (cowboy) hats!

Yee Haw fans rejoiced when Lil Nas X, the voice behind “Old Town Road”, announced that the BillBoard Hot 100 song would be getting a music video. He made his announcement via Twitter with a still-image, assumingly from the music video.

Lil Nas X’s song “Old Town Road” went viral earlier this year when it was used for a popular TikTok meme, titled the YeeHaw Challenge. It is perhaps the song that jumpstarted the internet’s current obsession with cowboy-related memes and content.

What with the popularity of this song, it’s no surprise that the memes soon followed.

In some iterations, the meme conveys a sense of emptiness or depth perception. Most versions are simply captioned for LOLs.

This Twitter user’s meme roasts a certain NSFW Ant-Man vs. Thanos theory.

More than one gamer interpreted the meme as a video game.

This user went as far to design their own movie poster.

Funnily enough, there have been a number of memes and responses pointing out the similarities between Lil Nas X’s photo and the movie poster for 2003 film, Holes.

Talk about a #TBT!

It seems this music video is exactly what fans of the song have been begging for. There are a few existing music videos for “Old Town Road” including the Red Dead Redemption version..

And another with emojis.