The Brief: This popular Reddit meme shows Larry The Lobster from SpongeBob SquarePants lifting weights while saying "observe."


Larry The Lobster “Observe” memes are a versatile image macro format used to show someone completing a feat in the face of doubt. It comes from the 1999 episode of SpongeBob SquarePants “Ripped Pants” wherein Larry The Lobster, a lifeguard and fitness buff, shows off how strong he is, saying “observe” before he lifts a heavy weight.

Variations of this meme show people proving others wrong with their strength, daring, boldness, or stupidity. These memes are particularly popular on Reddit where some creators use Photoshop to create further variations and expand the parameters of the original meme format.

Larry The Lobster Weight Lifting “Observe” Memes

me📚irl from me_irl


14yo girls: *cries* from memes

A Spaghetti Meme:

Rise up my Italian Friends ! from dankmemes

Anti-Anti Vax Meme: 

💉=poison from dankmemes

An Elon Musk Weeb meme:

Our hero from dankmemes

Pretty trash i know from dankmemes

observe from BikiniBottomTwitter

What do you mean you can see me? from dankmemes

They called me a madman from memes

Larry no from memes

American lobsters can live up to 100 years. from dankmemes

Really hope this doesn’t backfire😂 from BikiniBottomTwitter

As this lobster meme spreads across the web, several memes about lobsters on board The Titanic celebrating while it sank (because it would mean they’d be returned to the ocean) have been circulating as well. Here’s a combination Larry The Lobster & Titanic lobster meme:

[Laughs in salt water] from BikiniBottomTwitter