The Brief: Killer Bean memes are based on a 2009 animated film about gun-toting anthropomorphic coffee beans.


Killer Bean Forever is a 2009 animated action film set in a world of anthropomorphic coffee beans. The movie generated a cult following for its “so bad it’s good” style and content. This memorable film has provided inspiration for a number of Killer Bean memes consisting ofΒ image macros and GIFs with screenshots and clips from Killer Bean Forever.

These memes are particularly popular on Reddit and on the Dank Memes subreddit.

Killer ketaBean
byu/JamfilledSandwich indankmemes

The Killer Bean universe was created by animator Jeff Lew. According to Know Your Meme, in 1996, Lew created a short film called “The Killer Bean: The Interrogation” as a way to teach himself computer animation. Lew made another short film in 2000 before he released the 85-minute long Killer Bean Forever in 2009.

This meme references Killer Bean’s glow up between 1996 and 2009:

Killer bean memes in a time where WWIII memes dominate? Are you out of your mind?
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One popular meme format shows two sitting at a table in an office and looking at each other while one of them says “he’s doing something illegal.” This is reminiscent of the Wait. That’s Illegal Reddit meme format.

Killer Bean > Endgame
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It’s 3 am
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Because thats what heroes do.
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You have 3 s e c o n d s
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Mission failed successfully
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They be groovin
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The Killer Bean film universe is both bizarre and revered. As with many fandoms, memes have become part of its legacy, serving as pieces of fan art while keeping Killer Bean relevant outside its original confines of a feature film.