The Brief: "Just want her back" memes are circulating online again because people are reminiscing on the productive lives they used to live while not being in quarantine.


People are beginning to realize all of the daily freedoms they had when they weren’t in quarantine and are feeling reminiscent over the activities they used to be able to do safely. “Just want her back” memes are circulating on social media again because people want their productivity and freedoms back while social media users get nostalgic over their past memories. D.W. looking through fence memes are becoming popular again too due to people feeling unfulfilled from being stuck inside.

According to KnowYourMeme, “feel like pure s**t, I just want her back” memes were started in 2014 by Ryan Lewis (@gingerr_nutt) and sparked in popularity when he captioned his Tweet with “…just want her back” paired with a picture of him crying with bloodshot eyes. Shortly after this online discovery, people have used this photo as a template for memes.

“Just Want Her Back” Memes

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Anyone else? ⚽️🇮🇪 #COYBIG #justwantherback

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