The Brief: Joker car memes use a still from the 2019 movie Joker in which The Joker gets hit by a car as a metaphor for someone being surprised by a sudden stroke of bad luck.


The release of the psychological thriller Joker, starring Joaquin Phoenix has inspired praise, controversy, and multiple meme formats. Joker getting hit by a car memes show a scene from the film in which The Joker is hit by a yellow taxi. As this scene was featured in the film’s trailer, the meme format has been circulating since April.

In this image macro meme format, the first panel shows The Joker walking down a hallway and the second shows him on the windshield as the taxi hits him. Usually, these memes are labeled to indicate someone suddenly met with misfortune or otherwise being dunked on.

Dang it
by indankmemes

awww man…..
by indankmemes

not wrong
byu/Thanosismymum indankmemes

3-Panel Version

A variation of this format that is popular on the Dank Memes subreddit adds a third panel with an image of Dennis from It’s Always Sunny In Philidelphia driving and saying “you dumb b**ch.” This third panel adds insult to injury for the person or thing that The Joker represents by showing the imagined driver of the car laughing at him.

Blizzard need some Tegridy
by indankmemes

It do be like that
byu/hydro-v7 indankmemes

Delete you’re tweets
byu/OttoDocOck08 indankmemes

The Europeans will decide my fate…
byu/Caeshx indankmemes