The Brief: A free app for fans of Jeremy Renner became overrun with trolls before it was eventually shut down.


Update: The Jeremy Renner App has been shut-down after it became overrun with trolls and Jeremy Renner impersonators…

Jeremy Renner? There’s an app for that. A free app called Jeremy Renner Official is available for download. The app is run by a company called escapex, that creates apps for individual celebrity’s fandoms.

The Jeremy Renner app has an interface similar to Instagram. Is a place where Renner stans or ren-heads can view all of Renner’s social media in one place and communicate with each other about their love of Renner and anything else.

Apple/The App Store

Although this app is intended to be a space for Renner to be able to connect with fans, it has become somewhat overrun with trolls. Most of this takes place in the fan-feed section, where anyone can create a post.ย Much of the trolling is lighthearted and fun, but other posts are more sinister such as ones by people posing as Bill Cosby, Jeffrey Epstein, and Casey Anthony. Some of this trolling has been properly mitigated and many recent posts are from genuine Renner stans.

Jeremy Renner Official

The Jeremy Renner app requires a Facebook login for use. In-app purchases of virtual “stars” (essentially in-app clout) are available for purchase with prices ranging $1.99 to $99.99. Information about what the app’s creators do with user data can be found in their privacy policy.