The Brief: Jennifer Lopez "Let's Get Loud" inauguration performance memes began circling the internet after she sang "Let's Get Loud" at the 2021 Presidential Inauguration Ceremony.


On Jan. 20, Jennifer Lopez performed at the 2021 Inauguration Ceremony for President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris.  During her performance, Lopez added her own special flair, singing “Let’s Get loud” as a segue from “This Land Is Your Land” into “America The Beautiful.”

Internet users were shook by Lopez’s remix and the way in which she was able to slip in a reference to her 1999 hit.

Some wondered if they heard Lopez correctly.

Others were emotional:

This user was not amused, as shown by this Bernie Sanders inauguration outfit meme:

Even this cat was in shock.

Some hoped other performers would follow suit.

Regardless, this internet user plans to take notes out of JLo’s book.

Plus, it looks like the Biden Inaugural Committee was all for it.

I mean, it was a historic day.