The video contains explicit language.

The Brief: At Camp Flog Gnaw 2018, Jaden Smith told the crowd that Tyler, The Creator is his boyfriend.


While onstage at Camp Flog Gnaw, Jaden Smith announced that he loves Tyler, The Creator and implied that the two are dating. Smith said repeatedly that Tyler is his boyfriend and that “He’s been my motherf****** boyfriend my whole f****** life.”

In a video capturing this announcement, the camera then panned to Tyler who shook his head and finger and laughed.

After the concert, Jaden Tweeted at Tyler, reaffirming his statement. A few days later, Smith deleted the Tweet.


Tyler, The Creator responded to Jaden’s Tweet with “haha you a crazy n**** man.”

It’s quite possible that the two are dating, but Jaden Smith has also been known to say outrageous things that aren’t necessarily true.