The Brief: Memes speculate about what will actually happen at tomorrow's Area 51 'raid' while officials seek to avoid any possible consequences of people gathering near the site and potentially attempting any kind of 'raid.'


On the eve of the Area 51 ‘Raid,’ many people are wondering if all the hype will manifest in any sort of IRL action or if this has all been a mere online phenomenon. As the Storm Area 51 Facebook event has racked up over 2 million RSVP’s, there has been an apparent divergence between memes about the so-called raid and what appears to actually be planned as an organized event.

The Storm Area 51 Facebook event has been changed to a page promoting the Official Alienstock Tour: a decentralized Area 51-themed tour that includes a Bud Light-sponsored party in Las Vegas on the night of September 19th. AlienStock, the music festival set to take place near Area 51 has been canceled, with organizers citing concerns of a “possible humanitarian disaster.” Towns adjacent to Area 51 are preparing for an influx of visitors and potentially rowdy crowds. The military has reportedly added reinforcements to the fencing on the Area 51 boundary. Hundreds of law enforcement officers, medics, and the Nevada National Guard are expected to be in the vicinity.

Please enjoy the following memes and don’t actually try to storm at Area 51 tomorrow (or any other day)!

Will Anyone Actually Raid Area 51 Tomorrow?

Even if the 20th is uneventful in terms of any kind of Kyle-led Naturo running into Area 51, there are already a plethora of memes about how tomorrow’s raid could turn out.

(O)regional (C)content from teenagers

Let’s do it guys from teenagers

Lisa Simpson presents a potentially effective strategy:

DONT LET THE HYPE TRAIN DIE REPOST as I was notified of no flair from teenagers

We’re in the end game now from memes

Sully and Mike face swapped:

You just got PARANKED from memes

He shall infiltrate their ranks. from memes

Crusaders looking to clap alien cheeks:

One day remaining from dankmemes

Some popular memes have drawn connections between Avengers Endgame and the September 20th raid.

Good luck y’all from memes

If anyone actually does have the gumption to raid Area 51, it’s the infamous Florida Man.

Hell yeah from memes

It’s happening from memes

Dark Humor

For many meme-makers, jokes about people dying as they attempt to trespass on a military facility at any cost were hard to resist. These memes toy with the potentially deadly consequences of an actually violent Area 51 ‘raid’ tomorrow.

Me_irl from me_irl

we will survive! from memes

ZOOM from dankmemes

Danny Trejo is ready…

What’s Next?

These memes predict what will come after the Area 51 raid, be it repercussions from the U.S. government, a plan to “storm the Bermuda Triangle,” or a very ghost-filled Spooktober.

Suit up! from teenagers

Oh yeah, it’s all coming together from dankmemes

Drake Yes/No on tomorrow’s Area 51 raid:

For the people that sort through new from memes

Goodluck Billy from dankmemes

Almost time from memes

it really maybe gonna be like that from dankmemes

For anyone looking for an alternative (and actually real) event to attend, the youth-led Global Climate Strike is also set to take place tomorrow.