The Brief: This holiday season, Christmas memes are coming to town far before Santa Clause's sleigh takes off.


Although many people (including retailers) start celebrating Christmas long before the 1st rolls around, the start of December is widely considered to be an acceptable time to start playing Christmas music, setting up holiday decorations, and sharing Christmas memes. 2019 Chrismas and holiday memes cover everything from seasonal burnout to alternate celebrations to The Grinch’s sex appeal.

December Christmas Memes

This Christmas tweet started the Baby Yoda sipping tea memes:

There’s been some talk about the dueling cuteness of Baby Yoda and Baby Grinch.

You’ve heard of Elf On A Shelf. Now get ready for Baby Yoda on South Dakota and on a pagoda.

A Sabrina meme for those who don’t celebrate a traditional Christmas:

As Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas Is You” makes its annual rise to the top of charts, it’s inspiring many memes along the way.

All I don’t want for Christmas. from memes

One of the best things about these memes is their tendency towards wholesomeness, especially the ones told from the perspective of children eager to celebrate (and open presents).

I like Christmas from dankmemes

Christmas meme from teenagers


In addition to the numerous holiday hashtags and video gift guides on TikTok, Christmas skits and memes are spreading holiday cheer as well.

Me on November 30th vs. me on December 1st: