The Brief: iPhone 11 camera memes joke about Apple's announcement of its latest iPhone model, which has three outward-facing camera lenses.


The memes started rolling in immediately after Apple announced the features on its latest iPhone models: the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max. A particular point of interest is the updated camera lenses on these devices. The iPhone 11 Pro has three outward-facing lenses in addition to a front-facing selfie camera and the iPhone 11 comes equipped with two outward-facing lenses.

According to Apple, these lenses have been added to drastically enhance photo quality, but the concept of having a cell phone with 3+ lenses on it also provided meme-makers with much material.

iPhone 11 Comparisons

Photos of the new iPhone’s triple-lens camera were all-too-enticing for clever Photoshoppers. These memes compare the look of the new iPhone to everyday objects, iconic film characters, memes, and more. Often, these iPhone 11 memes compare the iPhone’s lenses to eyeballs.

That new iPhone camera lookin like the aliens from chicken little lmao
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[deleted by user]
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Surprised Pikachu:

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The Future of iPhones

Some iPhone 11 memes ask the question: “why stop at three camera lenses?” Memes depicting images of proposed future iPhone models with dozens of lenses have been widely viewed and shared online.

Who’s hungry for the iPhone Boba?

#iPhone11 Memes

As smartphones become ever-ubiquitous objects in modern society, the release of a new model is bound to inspire memes and jokes about their high costs, cybersecurity risks, design, quality, role as a status symbol, and more.

Lemme buy that
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