The Brief: October 16 is International Pronouns Day, a reminder of the importance of using people's correct pronouns as a part of respecting their gender identities and expressions.


International Pronouns Day is a reminder to respect everyone’s pronouns. Avoid misgendering someone by sharing your own pronouns, avoiding making assumptions about others, politely asking which pronouns people use, and listening when people share their pronouns. Using the correct pronouns for everyone is an essential part of showing respect and support for non-binary and trans folks.

Pronouns To Know

While you’re likely familiar with they/them/theirs, she/her/hers, and he/him/his pronouns, it’s also important to know pronouns that get less mainstream attention. Xe/Xim/Xeirs, Ze/Zir/Zem, and Hir/Hirs/Hirself are all gender-neutral third-person pronouns. Non-binary individuals may prefer to be called these gender-neutral pronouns rather than they/them/theirs for personal or linguistic reasons.

Pronouns In Bio

Including your pronouns in your social media bio is a simple way to make your own pronouns publicly known. When cis people put their pronouns in their bios, it is a way to support trans and nonbinary folks by encouraging a more open dialogue about pronoun use and normalizing the practice of publicly sharing pronouns. Take this International Pronouns Day as an opportunity to add them to your bio!

For anyone questioning the grammatical validity of the singular “they,” yes 👏singular👏they👏pronouns👏are👏grammatically 👏correct👏and👏valid👏. Merriam Webster even updated its entry for “they” to solidify its status as a correct and important part of the English language.



Celebrate #PronounsDay by sharing your own pronouns, respecting everyone else’s, and correcting people if they misgender someone around you.