The Brief: Instagram users are sharing various Bingo templates to their stories to find out what they have in common with their friends and followers.


Instagram bingo serves as a way to share information and relatable experiences in a fun, gamified format. Similar to 30-day song challenges, various bingo formats are circulating on Instagram where people can select the squares that apply to them, usually posting the images to their stories. This game allows people to connect with each other, brag about things they’ve accomplished, and joke about commonalities.

Instagram Bingo Templates

There are hundreds if not thousands of different bingo templates circulating on Instagram with a wide range of themes and subjects. They can be found under the hashtags #Bingo, #BingoStories, #BingoChallenge, and #StoryBingo.

Quarantine Bingo

While bingo games have existed for years on Instagram, there has been a recent surge in activity as millions of people worldwide who are self-isolating and quarantining are looking for ways to pass the time. Many bingo templates refer specifically to the experience of people who are staying at home to prevent the spread of COVID-19.


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Niche But Relatable Bingo

Bingo prompts on Instagram are often simultaneously niche and relatable. While they may only apply to people in a specific group, who go to the same school, or who share interests, these templates allow people to bond around common traits and experiences that are out of the ordinary or mainstream.

Yes, there’s even a bingo for simps who like sports…

Create Your Own

If Photoshop design isn’t your strong suit, you can easily create your own bingo template with online templates like this one.