The Brief: "I'm Getting Ripped Tonight" TikTok memes feature creators performing movie character impressions and/or memorable lines from advertisements.


The “I’m Getting Ripped Tonight” TikTok trend is meant to be humorous as it pokes fun at the original “I’m Getting Ripped Tonight” TikTok dance videos which saw creators mime flexing their muscles to StarBoi3 and Doja Cat’s “D*ck.”


She made some plans on my d*ck tonight
She not with him tonight
She not with Jim tonight
She in the gym tonight
Workout in that p*ssy (Ayy)
I’m gettin’ ripped tonight
R.I.P. that p*ssy (Ayy)
I’m goin’ in tonight

At the time of publication, the trend is on TikTok’s Discover page. There are over 212 million views accrued under the associated hashtag #ImGettingRippedTonight.

Rather than finish the lyrics like in the original trend, creators replaced the lyrics with funny quotes, one liners from movies, and impressions of advertisements subsequently creating a meme.


Couldnt get it out of my head #comedy #imgettingrippedtonight #fyp #MAKEYOURMOVE #SipIntoSummer

♬ original sound – Shaquille Marcano

Harry Potter fans will love these two videos.


I saw a chance and I took it #imgettingrippedtonight #fyp #ronweasley #notme #notharmione #you

♬ original sound – Max Hegley

The Parent Trap:


Only but respect for Queen Chessy #gettingrippedtonight #parenttrap #chessy

♬ original sound – MAT

Monsters Inc:


I swear to god idk what my deal is #fyp #imgettingrippedtonight #mikewazowski #monstersinc #comedy #impression #foryou #viral

♬ original sound – Kase

Other takes:


🤠 #imgettingrippedtonight

♬ original sound – AYGRAY