The Brief: #IfTwitterBecameFacebook is trending on Twitter as users share their worrisome thoughts on how scared they would be if their families had access to their Twitter profiles.


The next trending hashtag on Twitter relates to the topic, #IfTwitterBecameFacebook. Twitter users share their fearful thoughts of their families seeing what they Tweet on a daily basis. Multiple Twitter users agree on the fact that they would block their family members if they ever saw them activate a Twitter account.

Other tech-savvy social media users reflected on the perspective of being able to actually edit a Tweet after it is sent out because Facebook has a convenient feature that allows users to edit the mistakes out of their original posts. At the thought of it all, there is one thing everyone on Twitter had a unanimous decision on and that is that they would most likely delete their Twitter accounts if their families were active on the social media platform.

#IfTwitterBecameFacebook Tweets