The Brief: The people of the internet have decided to hate the baby from the movie Ice Age, expressing their abhorrence via anti-Ice Age baby memes.


Why Do People Hate The Ice Age Baby?

Ice Age baby memes hate on the baby character from the 2002 film Ice Age. While there is no obvious reason for the internet to have turned on this baby, many memes paint him as an evil, ugly, hateable character. Some cite his uncanny valley-esque animation as the reason for their animosity while others simply express their deep but unfounded hatred.

Insults directed towards this animated character are, of course, jokes. The humor of these memes comes largely from the shock value of people saying that they’d like to maim and even murder a baby, albeit a fictional one.

The Internet vs. The Ice Age Baby

These memes, which are particularly popular on Reddit, Facebook, and Twitter reinforce hatred directed towards this baby, blaming him for things such as the collapse of the Soviet Union, plotting violence against him, and repeating the sentiment “Ice Age baby bad.” Some memes complain about how oversaturated social media platforms are with images of and comments about the baby.

In a Meme Review video, PewDiePie shared his apparent disdain for this character, alluding to hypothetical violence against him and labeling him as a nightmare edition of animated baby meme trends like Baby Yoda and Baby Nut.

A Facebook group titled “I hate the baby from Ice Age” has gained over 100,000 likes since it was created in January 2020. A petition to “Kill Ice Age Baby” has received over 6,900 signatures. A variety of anti-Ice Age baby merch is available for sale online.

PS1 lookin ass from memes

Oh yeahhh from memes

Ice age baby bad from dankmemes

Frick u ice age baby!! from memes

Many memes reference a fan wiki profile that alleges that Ice Age baby, who is named Roshan, is 6’10” tall, making him a giant, fearsome baby.

seems about right from dankmemes

Fuck you ice age baby from dankmemes

I hate him so much, though from dankmemes

Ice Age baby bad apparently from memes

Oh god oh fuck from memes

A this one sparks joy and stoic Monsters Inc. mashup meme:

Kill it from memes

According to Internet Rule 19, the Ice Age baby could become as strong as Olivier Richters of big man ordering at McDonalds memes

we’re doomed from dankmemes

it really do be like that from dankmemes

Don’t know what he did, but that fucker gotta get his skull bashed in from dankmemes

Keanu Reeves vs. Ice Age Baby

Cringe Ass Ice Age Baby from memes

Elon Musk laughing at dead Ice Age baby, inspired by Elon Musk laughing at dead deer memes.


The ice has melted from dankmemes

I never want to see his ugly face again from memes

True or false: Ice Age baby looks like Adam Driver?