The Brief: StayHipp took to the streets, quizzing people on some of the most confusing contemporary dating slang.


Millennial and Gen Z dating terms like breadcrumbing, BAE, or Bumble can be confusing and downright bizarre! In celebration of Valentine’s Day, StayHipp correspondent Kelly Reynolds quizzed people on the street about the latest dating slang that’s popular among teens and 20-somethings.

The Quiz: Test Your Knowledge

How much do you know about millennial and Gen Z dating terminology?


What does the #MCM stand for?

A) Man Crush Monday
B) My Crazy Match
C) Meet Cute Morning
D) Mini Coffee Meetup

Answer: A. #MCM stands for “Man Crush Monday.” It’s a weekly celebration of male crushes.


Which of the following is NOT a dating App?

A) Coffee Meets Bagel
B) Hook’d
C) Tinder
D) Hinge

Answer: B. Coffee Meets Bagel, Tinder, and Hinge are all dating apps, but “Hook’d” is not.


True or False: If you swipe right on someone’s Tinder profile, that means you are interested in them.

Answer: True. A right swipe indicates interest, while a left swipe is the way to reject a profile.


Fill in the blank: If someone you are interested in romantically, does not return your feelings, you have been ______________.

A) Tinderella’d
B) Friend Zoned
C) Ghosted
D) Dragged

Answer: B. Friend zoned refers to wanting date someone when they want to be “just friends.” A Tinderella is a woman who someone has met on Tinder, ghosting is when someone cuts off all correspondence without explanation, and dragged means insulted or roasted.


“Slow Fade” can best be described as:

A) Hoping your date doesn’t notice while you sneak away
B) Falling asleep while taking a test
C) A hip haircut
D) A slower form of ghosting

Answer: D. A slow fade is a slower form of ghosting: when someone breaks off a relationship by gradually indicating their disinterest or dislike.


What’s the term for when someone you’ve ghosted continues to follow you on social media?

A) Orbiting
B) Walkin
C) Booing
D) Noodling

Answer: A. Orbiting is when someone you’ve ceased contact with continues to “orbit” you via subtle social media interactions like watching your Instagram stories.


What does it mean to be “Boo’d up?”

A) Exhausted
B) Scared of dating
C) Wearing makeup
D) In a relationship

Answer: D. To be boo’d up means to be in a romantic relationship.


Which of the following is the best way to define the term, “situationship?”

A) A date at sea
B) A new dating app
C) An undefined romantic relationship
D) An awkward run-in with an ex

Answer: C. A situationship is an undefined romantic relationship without an official label. It’s somewhere between a friendship and a formal romantic relationship.


What does the acronym “DTR” stand for?

A) Define The Relationship
B) Down to rage
C) Detail the reference
D) Don’t tell rumors

Answer: A. DTR stands for “define the relationship.” It refers to the awkward conversation new couples often have where they discuss whether or not they are officially dating.

If some (or all) of these terms were confusing to you, don’t worry, you are not alone. Let StayHipp be your guide to understanding everything from dating slang to pop culture references to the latest viral meme.