The Brief: A beauty trend on TikTok has people painting their faces green and using a greenscreen effect to add trippy graphics.


The green screen makeup trend on TikTok involves applying green paint or makeup to one’s face and editing footage with a green screen effect to create videos with moving graphics added to one’s face. This trend has been growing in popularity on TikTok since May 2020. At the time of writing, videos associated with the hashtag #GreenscreenMakeup have been viewed over 2 million times on TikTok.


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This trend combines video editing and makeup tricks to add colorful and fun visuals to people’s faces. Psychedelic animations and other bold patterns are popular choices to add to the green screen for dramatic effect. People often paint their eyelids and lips and may add other splashes of color to highlight the contrast between their skin and this visual effect.


re llevada la pana πŸ„βš‘οΈ(ip: @abbyrartistry) #greenscreenmakeup #makeup #trippy

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In addition to green paint or makeup, this beauty effect requires video editing software or an app to achieve the full effect. There are several green screen makeup tutorials on YouTube and TikTok.


this is just how I did it but again I got this idea from @imgabrielscott

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The green screen makeup trend took off on TikTok after creator @imgabrielscott posted a video in May of him painting his face with green paint and adding rainbow visuals. The video was viewed over 950,000 times.


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His video inspired many others including MUA @abbyrartistry.


green screen makeup ib @imgabrielscott

♬ Pinky Pie has molly in her green tea – karmthetool


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