The Brief: A giant 12-foot skeleton for sale at Home Depot is going viral online via memes.


It may be $300, but the 12-foot skeleton for sale at Home Depot is living rent-free in our heads as giant skeleton memes spread online. Images of 12-foot skeleton Halloween decorations have many viewers online mesmerized. These giant skeletons are available at Home Depot for $299. They’re listed as “12 ft. Giant-Sized Skeleton with LifeEyes” and described as “a spine-tingling centerpiece for Halloween.”

Memes about these giant skeletons started spreading online after Twitter user @ExFalchion posted a picture of the skeleton with the caption “Why my neighbors already have a giant skeleton in their front yard in september.”

The giant skeleton inspired many more posts and memes, with people hailing it as an unofficial mascot of 2020.

The 12-foot skeleton even inspired fan art…

There’s also this saga of a TikToker trying to fit a 12-foot skeleton into a Mini Cooper…


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♬ original sound – Emma Kent

For those who can’t shell out $300 on a Halloween decoration, Home Depot allows you to use the AR (augmented reality) function on their website to see what the product would look like in your home or yard.

This Halloween decoration is currently sold out online, which may or may not be a result of the social media hype around it. Happy Spoopy Season!