The Brief: These memes label an image of gamer CallMeCarson while Family Guy character Joe Swanson sneaks up behind him with a bat.


Gamer crying next to Joe Swanson memes depict Twitch streamer CallMeCarson crying while a bat-carrying figurine of Joe Swanson from Family Guy sneaks up behind him. These memes are popular on Reddit where meme-makers label Carson and Joe Swanson to convey situations in which someone is being attacked or snuck up on.

The original image was photoshopped from one of CallMeCarson’s videos in which he reacted dramatically to dying in Minecraft.

Teacher’s be like:"I’m gonna pretend i did see it" from teenagers

Get it? ‘Cause 7-8-9…

Big brain maymay from teenagers

When your cake day sneaks up on you…

I have no ideas even close to good from teenagers

A reference to how Google Chrome’s ‘internet not working’ dinosaur icon is also a mini video game.

That’s how they got extinct from dankmemes

A Flex Tape Meme:

It even works underwater from dankmemes

You too from dankmemes