The Brief: "Flex Tape can't fix that" memes present situations in which something has gone so wong, even Flex Tape couldn't fix it.


Flex Tape can fix that memes are based on the many-use repair tape’s slogan. “Flex Tape can’t fix that” memes use a photo of a man holding a sign with that phrase on it as a reaction image for awkward, cringey, or devastating events.

Similar to “oof size large memes,” these memes can be used synonymously with phrases such as “ouch, that’s gotta hurt” or “sick burn” in reference to someone being seriously roasted. The idea behind this phrase is that even the hyped-up powers of Flex Tape are no match for the destruction caused by an insult or embarrassing mistake.

Google vs. Bing: 

Flex tape can’t fix that from memes

Particularly popular on Reddit, many Flex Tape sign memes feature drags reminiscent of the content on r/roastme.

flex tape can’t fix that from memes

That’s quite a very much alot of damage ~ Phil 2020 from dankmemes

You fucking killed her man from dankmemes